What is God


God is Energy, Pure Love, Goodness and the Creative Force of the Universe. 

God is like the mist, unseen yet ever present and all around you. 

God is Spirit, whose Presence is known and available to all of Its children all of the time. 

When we connect with God we feel safety, love, support, peace and bliss, much like a newborn baby must feel in its mother’s loving arms. 

Take time each day to be with The Source of All, to receive your daily bread, and to cherish the sweet feeling of love that surrounds you. 

God’s voice is soft and tender, and cannot be easily distinguished amid the noise and commotion of our busy world.  The masters and mystics seek the silence, as that is where the “voice” of God is most easily heard and understood.

“Time spent in the Presence of God washes the Soul clean.”
Rev. Tiki  6/13/1996