One God, Many Paths


There is one God, the living center of our spiritual universe. God speaks to Its children in a language each heart understands.  God’s light delivers the Truth to every soul. Each color represents the language of a different way to communicate with God. 

There is one God, and many, many paths to God.  All paths to God are good.

At Reverend Tiki’s Garden of Paradise Internet Church, we honor and respect the spiritual pathway of every child of God.  To judge another person’s spiritual path does not serve us, that person or God.  Attempting to “convert” another person or culture to a particular spiritual belief system assumes that your way is somehow superior to theirs. 

Since God speaks to each of us in a language that is just right for us, all paths to God are good and divinely orchestrated. 

Prism of Religion

Reverend Tiki's interpretation of how God, represented by the golden light at the center and the outer reaches of the universe, chooses a different color, or spiritual path to speak to each child in a language they will understand.

It is not always necessary to continue in our language or religion of origin to deepen our relationship with the All That Is.  We evolve spiritually throughout our lives, just as we evolve physically.  Our relationship with the Divine changes as our life experiences change.  We frequently explore many paths in our spiritual travels before discovering the path that is just right for us.

It is possible to connect directly with God, the Source of All. 

This direct connection with God is what many people refer to when using the term “spirituality”.