New Thought Teachers


Reverend Tiki salutes the many New Thought visionaries who bravely shared their knowledge of Spirit and Truth, as well as the torchbearers who have kept the message alive and tilled the soil of the collective consciousness in nurturance of our continued spiritual evolution. 

With gratitude and reverence, I acknowledge:

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby   Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dr. Ernest Holmes   Thomas Troward
Emma Curtis Hopkins   William James
Mary Baker Eddy   Emmet Fox
Ralph Waldo Trine   Myrtle and Charles Fillmore
Nona Brooks   Malinda Cramer
All New Thought ministers, practitioners and seekers
I offer special recognition for my spiritual mentor, Reverend Phylis Clay Sparks, creator of The Soul Esteem Center in St. Louis Missouri and author of the book “Soul Esteem: The Power of Spiritual Confidence”.  Reverend Phylis is a brilliant expression of God’s love and light, and lovingly demonstrates Truth as a way of life.