God's Place In Your Life


Where does God fit into your life? On Sundays? The High Holidays?
Every moment of every day?

What does it feel like to be one with God?

Ultimately, God will become your loyal best friend, the one you can count on in any circumstance, who is always by your side. 

You will no longer feel the need to seek out God, for God lives inside your heart. 

You will no longer feel the need to hide parts of yourself that you have judged by the old standards. God cares not what you did yesterday, but only what you do today. 

You will experience the complete integration of your being.  Parts of yourself and experiences in your life the purpose of which have eluded you up until now will suddenly line up and make perfect sense. 

You will be free to express as a whole, perfect and complete child of God. 

Our Goal is to help you to reconnect with God. To facilitate your growth on your spiritual path until there is no longer a separation, until your heart and God’s heart are One. 

You will notice at that time that you are one with all of God’s creations and the healing is complete!