God Loves You


In some circles God has been remanufactured as an angry and punitive parent. 
Ah, but our hearts know differently, for God is Love, pure and simple. 

Forget everything you learned that says “God will love you if…” God loves you even if you do, or you don’t, or you have once, or you can’t! 

God loves you no matter what!  

The love of God is unending, undeniable, unlimited, beyond compare, abundant, fulfilling, exciting, outrageous, omnipresent, amazing, spectacular and available to all. 

Regardless of our status in life, our perceived sins or acts of kindness, every single person on Earth is the same distance away from God…one arm’s length.  Just reach out, as God is there to take your hand and walk through life by your side. 

Right now, we reach out to those who were not told the truth about God’s great love for you. It is a love that you need not do anything to qualify for. 

And we reach out also to those who know the Truth. 

Welcome home, and please join us as we journey together in Spirit.

“It’s a lie.  Any talk of God that does not comfort you.”
                                                                 Meister Eckhart