God As Our Source of All


Since the beginning of time, humans have depended upon God to meet all of our needs. 

God has been involved in every aspect of our daily lives, providing shelter, crops, the animals that fed us, spiritual guidance, and ensuring our very survival.  God protected us from harm, and healed us from injury. We celebrated our oneness with God’s creation and each of our life events with joy, dancing, ritual and ceremony. 

God is still our source of all today, but we have forgotten, because we now buy our food at the grocery store, find shelter in strong buildings, get money from paychecks and banks, and depend upon pharmaceuticals and surgery to heal our bodies.  We may visit God once a week, or once a year in a building down the street.  Many only think about God when we get sick, when a loved one dies, or when we have time to reflect on the beauty of life.

But our souls yearn for a deeper connection.

“As a deer longs for a stream of cool water, so I long for you, God”.  Psalms 42.