Garden of Paradise Church


Reverend Tiki’s Garden of Paradise Internet Church is a globally inclusive and independent internet church.  The church is open and available to you any time of day or night.  You may download the weekly services and listen to them at your convenience.  There is no building to maintain and no grass to cut, so we are free to go about the business of raising the consciousness of the planet, one soul at a time.

We celebrate the love of God in the spirit of New Thought, blended with the intimate wisdom gained by Reverend Tiki in her lifelong study of God. 

Reverend Tiki’s Garden of Paradise Internet Church reaches beyond the confines of traditional religious teachings to encourage personal exploration, positive expectation and the recognition of our oneness with God, one another and all of creation.  It offers an intelligent and scientific perspective for seekers who find it difficult to reconcile the conflicting messages of love and anger, salvation and punishment, peace and violence, trust and fear and benevolence and revenge that are sometimes presented as aspects of God and accepted as attributes of humanity. 

We rank these qualities in order from highest to lowest by the frequency of vibration, and prefer to concentrate all of our thoughts and activities in the higher realms of joy and peace, where we believe the Spirit of God is most active and alive.