Science of Mind


The Intenders Handbook

By By Tony Burroughs

The Intenders Handbook, by Tony Burroughs details how the Intenders of the Highest Good started one day at the kitchen table and how you can use the power of Intention to make your life and your world better. Intenders Circles take place weekly in homes around the world, where people meet to share their gratitudes, hopes and dreams with like minded individuals.  The structured format and group energy help to focus your energy and power directly toward attainment of specific goals. 

$5.00, Dolphin Press



Tony Burroughs is recently travelled the United States giving workshops on the Power of Intention.  His newest book, "The Code" will be very soon. In 2005 Tony spent 5 fun-filled days at Reverend Tiki's Garden of Paradise Internet Church World Headquarters, reading, studying and proofreading his new books.