A Vision for Our Future


“I see a world where ALL of God’s children come together with God at our center.

We recognize and celebrate the goodness in every human being on the planet,
and we support and care for one another.

We acknowledge that we are one with each other, with God and with all of creation.

I see people of all faiths, all backgrounds, and all nationalities joining together hand in hand,
in the Grand March toward Divine Truth.

I see this procession and awareness starting right now in cities and towns across the Globe.

In Europe, China, North and South America, the Island Nations, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Russia and all places of the Earth, millions upon millions of hearts and souls are willing to let go of where they have come from in order to move forward together toward our Divine Destiny.

And so it is.”      

                                                                             Reverend Tiki