A Path to God


The purpose of this church is to return people’s hearts to God, one Soul at a time.

Each individual has his or her own path to God, and Reverend Tiki’s Garden of Paradise Internet Church is that path for many of God’s children!

We are born connected with God and enjoy a rich and joy-filled relationship with Spirit as children.  As we grow up, we are taught to “be realistic”, “stop dreaming” and “get to work”. 
These messages can cause us to make a gradual shift away from God and our spiritual nature. 

One day, we notice a deep longing in our inner being. 
That desire is our soul, expressing its need to reconnect with its Source.

Reverend Tiki’s Garden of Paradise Internet Church is here to facilitate your reunion with God.

If the messages presented here resonate with your inner being, then welcome home!
If not, please keep looking, as all paths to God are good.
And there is one path that is just right for you.

Our Source of all is known throughout the world by many names: God, Allah, Great Spirit, Yahweh, The Universe, Infinite Intelligence, Jehovah, All That Is, Mother Earth, Endless Light.
Where we speak of “God”, please use the name that feels most comfortable to you.

Links to spiritual communities are presented at the end of this site.