About Rev Tiki


Rev. TikiReverend Tiki has studied God passionately since early childhood. In fact, she always felt a deeper and more alive connection with Spirit than anyone seemed willing to discuss! With nature as a constant source of inspiration, Reverend Tiki explored numerous Spiritual paths throughout her life.

In 1992, after finding few answers in many churches, she developed her own spiritual practices, based upon Native American teachings, direct communication with God, and her own inspired writings, meditations and Vision Quests.

In December of 2001, in search of spiritual community, Reverend Tiki walked into the Soul Esteem Center and knew she had come home. Everything suddenly made sense. There stood hundreds of positive and happy souls who knew so well this God of love that is so intimately involved in our lives. 

Reverend Tiki became a student of Reverend Phylis Clay Sparks, founder of the Soul Esteem Center, and took every class Reverend Phylis offered. On June 26, 2005, Reverend Tiki completed her ministerial training and was ordained.  Just 4 weeks before her ordination, while meditating on an assignment entitled “How will God use your ministry?” The vision came forth clearly: “Reverend Tiki’s Garden of Paradise Internet Church”. The church will serve all God's children who have not found fulfillment in traditional religions. This website is the manifestation of that vision.

Reverend Tiki is most grateful to God for the creation of this church which has resulted in the complete integration of all parts of her soul with her deepest passions. Her work combines studying and sharing the love of God with her with her life-long enchantment with mystical Tiki culture and the uplifting simplicity of a life led by Spirit. 

Reverend Tiki travels regularly to bring inspiration to God’s children across the globe, and enjoys performing weddings, baptisms and celebrations of life.